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Capitol Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 39 reviews

Patient Review by Michael G

Everyone was courteous and Professional. They care enough about their patients to follow up after treatment.

- Michael G

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Patient Review by Laura M

My experience at Capital Endo was nothing short of amazing. Dr Boustany's expertise with a very tedious and difficult procedure was certainly appreciated. She did a wonderful job in a very short time frame. And most importantly it was totally pain free! I would highly recommend her for your next Endodontic experience. She is the best!!

- Laura M

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Patient Review by Desi F

the staff at Capitol Endodontics were all so nice and professional. I would recommend them to anyone!!

- Desi F

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Patient Review by Frankie F

The staff was very friendly. The doctor was gentle and made me very comfortable during the procedure.

- Frankie F

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Patient Review by Kimberly K

I was so nervous due to I have trouble breathing...they were wonderful so patient and understanding. I had no pain during or after. Wonderful place would and will recommend this place to eveyone.

- Kimberly K

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Patient Review by Vera G

This was the most easiest procedure I have ever had. Very professional, caring and very tentative. I would highly recommend Dr. Romeo to anyone.

- Vera G

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Patient Review by John Y

Dr Romeo and her staff made me feel very comfortable and they were so friendly. Root canals are not my favorite thing to do but not sure anyone could have made this experience better. Thank You !!

- John Y

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Patient Review by David L

Due to nearly unbearable pain I was experiencing, I was deeply thankful to get scheduled so quickly. The office staff were very helpful and courteous, as well as attentive to my needs. I was placed in the professional care of Dr. Romeo. She performed my root canal flawlessly and kept me well informed of every step in the procedure. She constantly checked to make sure I was comfortable and doing well. I highly recommend her to those seeking one of the best Endodontists in the Charleston vicinity.

- David L

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Patient Review by Vicki S

Shout out to Stephen Fragale, DDS, root canal specialist, and Capitol Endodontics. I had to have a root canal today. First one ever (gasp!). Scary, right? To say I was terrified would be an understatement (childhood dental trauma). I’m scared to death of going to the dentist and any dental procedure. Plus, with red hair (yes, it IS my natural color) and light eyes, I’m very hard to numb. I knew I was in for torture, the likes of which Charleston had never seen. But get this: NO PAIN! None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Dr. Fragale and his assistant were amazing. Both professional but with great bedside manner! His assistant humored my request to hold my hand and sing “Soft Kitty.” Gave me really cool, black sunglasses to wear to keep the bright light from bothering my eyes. I felt like one of the “Men in Black.” With a soothing voice that explained everything he was going to do and what I’d feel before he did it, I soon was so trusting and ecstatic from the complete and total lack of pain that I no longer cared! I was visibly shaking when he started but by the time he was done, I was grooving to the satellite radio “Might as Well Get Stoned,” and for a split second would forget that “a little wider now,” was directed to me. And get this. When it was all over, he explained that instead of the usual three nerves that most people have in their teeth, my tooth has FOUR nerves. Apparently, it’s rather rare (occurring only .4% of the time) and a real thrill for a doctor to encounter. I told him I didn’t mean to brag, but I always had been an overachiever. While it’s not something I’d do for fun, it was entirely a positive experience. I cannot thank them enough. Not only was I saved from torture, the music was groovy and the Men in Black glasses obviously bestowed superhuman bravery powers upon me. It was a great day.

- Vicki S

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Patient Review by Lesli W

Hands down, the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr. Boustany and all of her staff were proficient, gentle and so very kind! They made a much dreaded experience, more than tolerable for me as their patient. I highly recommend this practice! I can't thank them enough!

- Lesli W

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Patient Review by Mary Ellen P

Professional and talented team! So glad to have in Charleston!

- Mary Ellen P

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Patient Review by Annie W

If your worried don't be there great people and its a pretty place and they will take care of they are all super nice I recamend getting. Dr john he's a great Dr and gabbie the nurse was really sweet .thank you guys so much

- Annie W

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Patient Review by Frank B

Dr . Fragale was awesome. He explained everything he was doing during the painless procedure. I highly recommend using Capitol Endodontics for root canal work.

- Frank B

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Patient Review by Susie f

all staff was wonderful and worked together as a team. very courteous and Dr, Boustany was the best.

- Susie f

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Patient Review by Zach B

Clean office, friendly staff, appointment was right on time! First root canal, zero pain during or after! Dr Fragale and dental assistant Kailey Young were excellent!

- Zach B

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Patient Review by Eddie F

First ever root canal. Walked in with pain. Left with relief, even after the numbing wore off! Highly recommended!

- Eddie F

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Patient Review by Sandra S

Wonderful experience !!!

- Sandra S

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Patient Review by Julius R


- Julius R

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Patient Review by Thomas M

Have had root canals done in the past. This one was by far the best. The most comfortable and painless. The whole procedure was quite impressive! My wife said she had only good things to say about everyone here. My father, Dr. John Miller, was very impressed. He was in dentistry and orthodontics for over forty years. He had a root canal done here this year, and his professional opinion was five star! He says this whole office is state of the art, with the people that make it a good experience. My thanks to them all !

- Thomas M

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Patient Review by Debbie K

I like the quiet, calm, but friendly feel that radiates in this office.

- Debbie K

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